• Feel trapped by body hate?
  • Are negative body thoughts taking
    over your life?
  • Is life passing you by while you wait to get a "better" body before you live your dreams?


Body hate is ugly. It steals your time, your money and your peace of mind. Most of all, it can hold you back and prevent you from living the life you really want.

Love Your Body
tackles the negative thought patterns that cause you to feel anxious, discouraged and downright miserable about your appearance. It's a simple, common-sense guide to learning how the way you think affects how you feel about your body (and your life!).


  • Detect and banish negative body thoughts
  • Overcome thought patterns that cause body hate
  • Form positive standards for beauty that empower you
  • Free yourself from the body hate that holds you back from reaching your dreams
  • Stop habits that encourage body hate
  • Work with your body in a positive way that doesn't get in the way of living your life
  • "Talk back" to negative body thoughts so they don't rule your life
  • Learn real, actionable ways you can start loving your body and taking care of yourself right now


  • 1

    Chapter 1

    Why Love Your Body?

  • 2

    Chapter 2

    Busting Body Image Myths

  • 3

    Chapter 3

    Stuck in the Waiting Room

  • 4

    Chapter 4

    Fooled by Fake

  • 5

    Chapter 5

    Stop Body Bashing

  • 6

    Chapter 6

    Don't Read Minds (or Tell Fortunes)

  • 7

    Chapter 7

    How to Love Your Body

  • 8

    Chapter 8

    Does Loving My Body Mean I Can't Change It?

  • 9

    Chapter 9

    The Complete Package


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As someone who lives and works in Hollywood this is a topic that I see a dire need to address daily. I'm so glad to now have an excellent resource to refer people to. Drop the magazines at the checkout stand and pick up this book instead. Elizabeth's book is part reality check, part body love manual, and part pep talk. I don't know about you but I often need a dose of all three of those things. Thank you Elizabeth for reminding us to stop nitpicking and start living our lives!

- Sylvie McCracken, Hollywood Homestead

So often we think focusing on our flaws doesn’t hurt anyone… some may even argue that it’s what motivates them. But Elizabeth makes a compelling case that body hate, body shaming, and not loving our bodies hurts us and those around us.I wish everyone could get their hands on this book. There is a lot of good food for thought that is so needed in our self-critical world. I’m putting together my own action plan to help me embrace my body and the changes it has gone through to nourish a human being.

- Robin Konie, Thank Your Body

What an absolutely LOVELY book, and a message that so many of us women need to hear. Negative body image can steal the fun, love and experiences from your life because you're too busy worrying and judging. Once you let go of that self judgement, and embrace yourself…such magical things can happen. Love Your Body is like a comforting best friend, full of great advice and plenty of hugs when things get tough. I HIGHLY recommend reading it and sharing it with your girlfriends, and family.

- Erin Kelly, Blue Yurt Farms

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this ebook from Elizabeth! It really stopped to make me think about how much in my life I have missed out on by holding myself back. The examples used and questions posed are enlightening as well as practical. In today's society, women are made to feel like nothing matters except their appearance. This just isn't true. How *you* feel inside is what matters. If you have any confidence issues that you feel are limiting how you enjoy your life - this is a great quick read which will help you down a path to take advantage of all of what life offers you!

- Lindsey Gremont, Homemade Mommy

Love Your Body by Elizabeth Walling is a book I truly wished I had read during high school, prior to having developing my disorder. This book teaches you, or more accurately, reminds you of how to LOVE yourself. Walling also covers REASONS as to why it's much healthier to love yourself. Not only will you find yourself to be more comfortable in your skin, but you will also experience a better quality of life-- one where you're not always tugging at your shirt, worried about what others think of you and your body type. She teaches you the importance of loving yourself, something that is hard to learn in this day and age. If there's just ONE thing you should do for yourself, it's to get this book. You won't regret it, the change you experience in perspective and life quality is absolutely priceless.

- Venus, Ravenous Venus

My 8 year old daughter knows she's beautiful. Just as she knows she has 2 eyes and a nose. It is a fact. She is a little girl, she is beautiful. When do we lose this? At what point do we deem ourselves unacceptable, flawed? Elizabeth's book helps re-awaken the 8 year old in all of us. As a grown women I have had years of practice in the self-loathing dept. It wasn't until recently (and with the help of Love Your Body) that I realized I am beautiful. I am, and so are you! This self-defeating society driven attitude of body hate is an absolute travesty, Which is why I think Love Your Body is such an important piece of work. Read it. If not for yourself, read it for the future generation of adult women in your life, your daughters, nieces and granddaughters. Read it to save them from a lifetime of feeling like they don't measure up. Read it so they can grow up knowing they are beautiful.

- Jennah Scofield, House. Barn. Farm.


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Hi there! I'm Elizabeth Walling, founder of The Nourished Life and author of The Nourished Metabolism and Love Your Body.
I wrote The Nourished Metabolism because learning how to heal my metabolism is what changed my health and my life. I've been studying metabolic health and nutrition since 2008, and what have I learned? It's not about eating an ancient berry from South America or avoiding all the foods you love--it's all about balance, small changes, and learning to work with your body.
I believe that we don't need another diet plan--we need to listen to our bodies! I want you to walk away from this eBook with the knowledge of how to nourish your metabolism and the perspective that will make the whole process a positive one.