Exfoliating Scrubs

Nothing beats soft, glowy skin – and that’s why exfoliating is a must! From salt scrubs to sugar scrubs to everything in between, here are our best and most popular DIY scrubs:

This is sugar scrub heaven! 20+ of the most gorgeous sugar scrub recipes on the planet – here they are.

This coffee body scrub is perfect for smoothing and toning your legs and torso.

This easy-to-make hand scrub exfoliates and deodorizes hands. It’s perfect to use after cutting onions or garlic, or in the winter when hands need extra smoothing. Try it here.

Try this peppermint foaming sugar scrub to clean, smooth, and invigorate your skin! Get the recipe here.

Forget expensive treatments – this recipe gently removes dead skin cells, creating glowy skin without any recovery time. Try it now.

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