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Reader Testimonials

"This book is as realistic as it is inspirational. I love the transparency of personal accounts, the inspiration of the author's journey, and the practical realistic steps to take to get there. A concise read that wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter. It is the perfect balance of all the elements of a quality personal development book!"

April Shaner, Alvarado, Texas
Naturally Persnickety

"If you are looking for a powerful catalyst for personal transformation, look no further. Awake is definitely going on my list of top books to share with people who want a simple, actionable plan for creating a positive, intentional life. Elizabeth has a real talent for combining her emotional intelligence with pragmatic advice, and the result is a truly special book."

Kelley Baker, La Mesa, California
The Darling Bakers

“This book offers a fresh and much more hopeful perspective on the seemingly elusive goal of finding happiness. In Awake, Elizabeth Walling shares both personal stories and practical advice to help readers live fulfilling and meaningful lives rather than just going through the motions. The ideas offered in this book are an encouraging wake-up call that has inspired me to look at my life and the choices that I make in a new way. I loved this book, and it’s one I will be returning to again and again!”

Lori Elliot, Burlington, Massachusetts
Our Heritage of Health

"Elizabeth, I read your book completely from cover to cover.  I really enjoyed it.  It touched upon things I already know, but don't always remember to practice, and it gave me some great ideas about achieving a 'happier' life.  In the beginning of the book, you listed things that truly bring long lasting happiness, and were spot on what is truly important and makes the soul and not just the monetary things that bring us happiness.  I applaud you for doing something that brings you happiness by writing your book, but in addition to helping others find their happiness too.  It is a selfless act on your part to share your thoughts with others.  Thank you for sharing your book with me.  I appreciate it (= HAPPY!)."

Sherlyn, Reno, Nevada

"In a sea full of self help books, its difficult to find one that stands out and delivers exactly what it promises. Awake by Elizabeth Walling is that book. Targeting much more than just the pursuit of happiness, Awake explores the processes that one must undertake to get at the root of what is holding us back, from interpersonal relationships, to work, to financial success, and ultimately our own vision of true happiness obtained through a highly individualized path. Walling invites us to explore our own motivations (and shortcomings) in a very practical and non threatening way, that feels more like chatting with your best friend over coffee. The genuine desire to help others shines through her work, creating a useful and very doable roadmap to attaining better results in many areas of life, which ultimately results in greater satisfaction and happiness. I highly recommend Awake, and believe it to be one of the best self-help, personal development tools currently available for all ages, from senior to teen. You will not be disappointed."

Kim Miller, Author
Living With Juvenile Arthritis: A Parent’s Guide

"When was the last time you examined your life in order to pinpoint what truly makes you happy? Chances are you’re chasing someone else’s big (unattainable) dream or none at all. Awake invites you to wake up, turn off autopilot and start your journey toward authentic happiness by getting to know yourself instead of blindly following the programming you were taught growing up. This book is short, to the point, and full of relatable anecdotes and simple tips like 'happiness hacks' that you can use right away. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs a gentle nudge and dose of inspiration to change their lives for the better starting today."

Elaina Newton, Dallas, Texas
The Rising Spoon

"Awake is a quick read full of pragmatic insights for rediscovering our authentic selves and, ultimately, for helping us to redefine the meaning of happiness...on our own unique terms. Through her own personal accounts, Elizabeth astutely reminds us to stop living our lives on 'autopilot,' to increase our number of 'pauses' throughout the day, and to committing to finding our own voice. This book will no doubt be one I will revisit from time to time when I am in need of a quick dose of wisdom and perspective. Thank you, Elizabeth, for writing this personal and heart-inspired book and for making it so readily available to others."

Lynn Saunders, San Clemente, Manabi, Ecuador
The Healthy Gringa

"Awake is a quick little read about happiness. Who wouldn't want a little more happiness in their life? As I read, I admit, just reading some of the recommendations exhausted me, but I also realized that many of the authors suggestions, I had already put into place on my life. If I could spend some time in focusing on these actions, and reflecting on how they might effect others, I think I could, with little effort, increase my happiness. I think I'll give it a try!"

Laurie Jones

"You are a gifted writer and your book really hits home with me. It was an unexpected gift that I'm grateful for. You have opened my eyes to things in my self that have been stifled and repressed for so long and made me aware that I need to make changes so I can be the person I want to be. And that is a gift that is invaluable. Thank you and God bless you."

Julie Brown, Yucca Valley, CA

"Highly recommended this book.  Elizabeth’s style of writing is concise, deep, light, quick reading -- and yet you want to slow down, as her short phrases short insights make you want to ponder.  I see this book for mothers and fathers to have their teenage children read it and talk about it.  I will work with my nieces and nephews, they have lost sight of their happiness. Favorite part of book was her road map for happiness as a verb action is so thoughtful and so doable. I think everyone should read this book. It would help a lot of us find happiness and even realize the happiness we are looking for – our contentment in ourselves. Recommend for everyone, I really do."

Lorretta Porter, Fresno, California

elizabeth wallingHi there! I'm Elizabeth Walling, founder of The Nourished Life.


I've been writing about health and wellness here since 2009. But I noticed a huge part of the picture was missing: what if you want to be happy and healthy?


Most people feel happiness is a natural product of being healthier -- but that's not always the case.


Happiness is something you need to work on, not something that just happens.


I wrote this little book because I wanted to share my own secrets to happiness (one of which is learning to redefine the very core of what we think happiness is).


I feel so strongly about this message, I decided I wanted to give it away for free. Because, hey, this world could use a little more happiness.


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